Making a decision

Decision making is very important in human life. It is unfortunate that a high percentage of people face challenges in making decisions. Life’s uncertainty makes life hell. With this type of quarrel it puts one in an anxious situation especially for fear of making a mistake. It is normal to be cautious about life, but it is not worth spending your whole life trying to make decisions. The fact remains that the decision has to be made no matter how difficult it may be.
Making a decision involves choosing one of the many options available. Before making any decision it is advisable to examine each option closely and note down the possible reactions to each. Decisions made in a hurry, under pressure or influence, are always catastrophic. It is advisable to prepare enough information before making a decision. Good decisions are made when the mind is ready and can focus on the issues at hand. If you have a divided mind, the purpose of the decision may be lost, so the wrong decision may be made.
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The reason for indecision is that the tendency to think negatively in what we assume makes us happy. Some people wait for a proof that they are actually making the right decision but it may not come. While others may prefer to leave their options open, this may seem like a good idea, but it may not resolve all issues. The second best is not always a right decision. It is better to accept the decisions we make, even if we make the wrong ones, because their regrets deprive us of happiness.
It doesn’t matter if it is a small or a big decision, every decision needs to be made, no matter how many minutes it takes. When making a decision we always expect an out that can be positive or negative. Failure to make a decision is an open door to uncertainty that often strikes with great frustration. It is more comfortable to consider both sides of the coin instead of being pessimistic about the outcome. This reduces the likelihood of regretting a decision made at any time. It makes the mind flexible to change For example, if you discover that something is not working for you, there is room for change or omission at most.
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Every day is a learning experience inspired by our mistakes. If you make a wrong decision, it is not the end of the world, because there is always room for improvement. Many would argue that they had no choice. It is an excuse to run away from reality and it wants to put the blame on others. There are no shortcuts in life when it comes to making decisions, it is the responsibility of every human being.