Must have helpful Spanish phrases for marriage and marriage

Unlike most of the West, many couples in Spain and Latin America would choose to marry instead of living together, and church marriage is still commonplace. In these countries, the church has a big influence and soon, a great couple I know from Venezuela will get married so this is an ideal time to share a small selection of some helpful Spanish phrases.

When announcing their marriage plans, the couple may be teased like in English:

The biggest mistake in your life! – You are about to make the biggest mistake of your life!

Occasionally, if a person is not sure that the couple is a good match, they will express their concern with this Spanish proverb:

Antes Te Case, Mira Low Q Hases – See what you do before marriage

I like to imagine that this is not a romantic Spanish phrase that a loved one wants to hear!

The Spanish phrase for a wedding is: una boda, And contains two phrases commonly used for marriage: el matrimonio And el casamiento.

El Navio Refers to the groom, La Novia His bride, and they are together Los novios. The best people are El Padrino de la Boda And are bridesmaids Respect for Las Damas deReally simple Spanish phrases, you can easily add to your vocabulary.

No marriage is complete without it la pareja perfecta – Perfect couple – confirms their love by exchanging wedding rings – los anillos de la boda. Throughout Spain and Latin America, a common custom is to give the groom thirteen gold coins – los trece Monedas de oro – To the bride.

Gold coins are a symbol of the groom’s trust and confidence, they are known as security and: arras. Thirteen gold coins symbolize Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles. Later Los novios Done Loss vote – Vows – Gold coins will be passed to the bride.

The ending of the ceremony is quite different, and you can get a little surprise when the bride and groom are leaving the church. Instead of being greeted with confetti, they are greeted with legs and smoke petardos – Fireworks – Made for a little noisy thing!

There is a slight change in Spanish because you are married to your partner, as we say in English. For example:

This is the case with Sylvia – I’m married to Sylvia – Marisol está casada con Eduardo – Marisol is married to Eduardo.

If you just want to say “I’m married” you can say Soy Or estoy Since both are used in Spanish, it all depends on whether the speaker views marriage as a permanent or a temporary state.

This is a small selection of common Spanish phrases about marriage that are beautiful and easy to learn. Play with them and enjoy them as part of your Spanish vocabulary!