Coin operated pool table

Coin-operated pool tables are ideal for having fun through pool games, entertaining your family, friends and kids. This pool table is used in commercial lines and is subject to a license.

Coin-operated pool tables are available with electronic multi-coin mechanism and mechanical coin operation system. They are also available with a magnetic process that uses a magnetic force that holds a built-in magnet in the core of the cue ball. If a magnetic cue ball falls into a pocket, a magnetic detector separates it from the numbered ball and brings it to the opening of the table using a reflecting device.

In the case of large cue balls, the difference in size allows it to be distinguished from other balls before it falls into the storage buggy. They are then guided through a second chute and fall towards the opening of the table. Despite some shortcomings, today, coin-driven pool tables periodically use both large-sized and magnetic cue balls. There are specific tables with automatic ball return assembly.

Coin-operated pool tables are available with all accessories such as hints, numbered balls, brushes, triangles, chalk, chalk holders and covers. The manufacturer delivers them safely to your door in a wooden crate. The legs are packed separately which can be screwed on. There are plenty of manufacturers who offer maintenance free models of pool tables with all the extra equipment needed to play. Coin-operated pool tables are available in models six, seven and eight feet tall.

Coin-operated pool tables are available for children over 12 with parents. They are housed in public areas, such as restaurants, arches, hotels and hospitality establishments, pubs and caf কেন্দ্রs, and corporate entertainment clubs. Coin-operated pool tables are available in a number of different models by size, playing surface area, slate size as well as weight.