Making a decision

Decision making is very important in human life. It is unfortunate that a high percentage of people face challenges in making decisions. Life’s uncertainty makes life hell. With this type of quarrel it puts one in an anxious situation especially for fear of making a mistake. It is normal to be cautious about life, but it is not worth spending your whole life trying to make decisions. The fact remains that the decision has to be made no matter how difficult it may be.
Making a decision involves choosing one of the many options available. Before making any decision it is advisable to examine each option closely and note down the possible reactions to each. Decisions made in a hurry, under pressure or influence, are always catastrophic. It is advisable to prepare enough information before making a decision. Good decisions are made when the mind is ready and can focus on the issues at hand. If you have a divided mind, the purpose of the decision may be lost, so the wrong decision may be made.
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The reason for indecision is that the tendency to think negatively in what we assume makes us happy. Some people wait for a proof that they are actually making the right decision but it may not come. While others may prefer to leave their options open, this may seem like a good idea, but it may not resolve all issues. The second best is not always a right decision. It is better to accept the decisions we make, even if we make the wrong ones, because their regrets deprive us of happiness.
It doesn’t matter if it is a small or a big decision, every decision needs to be made, no matter how many minutes it takes. When making a decision we always expect an out that can be positive or negative. Failure to make a decision is an open door to uncertainty that often strikes with great frustration. It is more comfortable to consider both sides of the coin instead of being pessimistic about the outcome. This reduces the likelihood of regretting a decision made at any time. It makes the mind flexible to change For example, if you discover that something is not working for you, there is room for change or omission at most.
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Every day is a learning experience inspired by our mistakes. If you make a wrong decision, it is not the end of the world, because there is always room for improvement. Many would argue that they had no choice. It is an excuse to run away from reality and it wants to put the blame on others. There are no shortcuts in life when it comes to making decisions, it is the responsibility of every human being.


Synchronity – What exactly is it?

Synchronity is the experience of two or more events that occur in a meaningful way, but which are not causally related. In order to be synchronous, the events have to be conceptually related to each other and the chances of them coming together at random chance are very low.
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(From Wikipedia)

The term synchronicity was first coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. He studied for many years under Sigmund Freud, the great pioneer of psychoanalysis, until he severed ties with him on the fundamental question of Freud’s sexual theory. Freud believed that every desire or inspiration or ambition was rooted in sexual desire, and his theories became fashionable around the world, especially in the United States, in the middle of the twentieth century.
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Jung believed that human inspiration was not exclusively based on sex, and he went on to formulate his archeological theories to explain behavior, among other things. His work was based on Freud who did extensive research on the meaning of dreams. Freud’s book, Dream Interpretation, has become one of the best-selling psychology books of all time. Jung’s investigation of human dreams leads to the notion that dreams have certain types and characters, and that these characters are common to all people and cultures. He calls them archetypes.
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The discovery of his archetypes led him to explore different cultures, including the ancient world. While studying culture in ancient China, he came across a book we know as I Ching. It is a book of prophecy or fortune-telling, if you will, where the reader thinks of a question he wants to answer, while performing a seemingly random process with stalks made of yarrow, which leads to a specific page of the book. This page then provides the answer to the question.
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Jung saw that the book contained an astonishing number of letters and correct answers. In other words, it worked. It was this phenomenon that led Junk to the notion of synchrony to explain the correlation between random page selection and real-world events.


Why invest in a gold?

2007 has generally been described as the “worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” and this weak economy has led to disasters with mainstream investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate. Newspapers, magazines and articles in various sectors have reportedly lost trillions of dollars with paperbacked assets as a result of the Great Recession. Between 2001 and 2008, most of the mainstream investor markets went down, and during this same period the gold spot price increased by more than 300%. Wise American investors are starting to look for the ultimate safe haven tool that can help protect their assets and even profits, and what better protection than investing in gold?
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Over the decades, investors who own gold investments have been able to save their assets while benefiting from upward fluctuations with the most cherished precious metal in history. The reason investors tend to invest in gold in times of crisis is because the metal is considered an asset that carries real value, as opposed to paperback assets such as stocks that depend on the strength of the company as well as the overall strength of the United. States dollar. With inflation and inflation constantly threatening paper-backed assets and the U.S. dollar, isn’t it understandable to own gold as a backup plan if the economy collapses? Just like with backup generators in the offices of large corporations, a gold investment backup can help you keep your lights on in the event that the economy becomes darker.
Skyscraper gold investment demand has pushed gold spot prices to record highs, and growing demand is pushing the metal price even higher. Many market analysts, financial planners and institutional investors believe that gold could continue to climb at the same pace as seen in the late 1970s when spot prices rose more than 800% in two years. If this happens, don’t you know that your hard-earned assets can be protected from large losses, as well as profitable if the spot price reaches the expected level?
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When starting a gold investment, it is important that you fully understand how the market works to maximize profit and reserve potential. A proven way to diversify success is to work with experts who can guide you in the right direction.
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The easiest way to buy and invest in Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital currency system designed to enable online users to process transactions through the digital unit of the exchange known as Bitcoin. In other words, it is a virtual currency.
The Bitcoin system was created in 2009 by an unpublished programmer. Since then, Bitcoin has gained widespread attention along with controversy as an alternative to commodity currencies such as the US dollar, euro, and gold and silver.

Growing in popularity

Bitcoin didn’t get much attention in the world of business and finance before 2009. It gained prominence with an increase of over 300% during 2011-2012. The price of Bitcoin has risen 400% since August last year. As a result, venture capital firms and investors around the world continue to value cryptocurrency.
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In the first half of 2014, venture capital firms invested $ 57 million in Bitcoin in the first quarter, followed by $ 73 million in the second quarter for a total of $ 130 million, up 50% from last year’s total of $ 88 million. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 scenario where bitcoin companies raised a relatively insignificant amount of $ 2.2 million.

These statistics undoubtedly prove that Bitcoin is worth your investment, which raises the question, how can you buy and invest in Bitcoin?

A guide for novice investors in Bitcoin

The easiest and least complicated way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy Bitcoin. There are many established firms, mainly in the United States and abroad, which are involved in the business of buying and selling Bitcoin, abbreviated as BTC.


If you live in the United States, Coinbase is the place you are looking for. Coinbase offers clients an estimated markup of 1% of the current market value with BTC. U.S. residents have the option to sync their Coinbase wallets with their bank accounts. As a result, future transfer transfers are hassle-free. This company also gives you the option to buy automated bitcoin from time to time. For example, if you’re interested in buying বি 50 bitcoin at the beginning of each month, Coinbase lets you set up an automated purchase for that amount.

Be aware of the terms and conditions before you start using this service If you subscribe to an automated bitcoin service, you will not be able to control the purchase price of BTC per month. Note that Coinbase does not act as a bitcoin exchange, meaning you buy and sell coins directly from the firm. Since the firm has to collect coins from other buyers, you may face delays or interruptions in ordering during fast market movements.


Bitstamp adapts to the requirements of a conventional bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin acts as an intermediary that allows you to do business with other users and not with the company. You always have the opportunity to find someone who is more liquid and willing to do business with you. There is an initial fee of 0.5% which can be reduced to 0.2% if you trade $ 150,000 in 30 days.

Alternative ways to buy Bitcoin

Local bitcoin

Exchange is not the only way to invest in Bitcoin. Local bitcoins are often used to buy BTC offline. The website is designed to link potential buyers and sellers. Bitcoins are locked in an escrow from the seller and can only be left to buyers.

Buying Bitcoin offline is not always very reliable or secure. It is therefore advisable to meet with vendors during the day and let a friend tag with you in case the situation goes south.

Bitcoin is not just a modern trend. Venture capital firms consider Bitcoin to be a viable alternative to long-term currency. There are endless ways for you to enter the field of Bitcoin investing. As mentioned earlier, Coinbase, Bitstamp and local Bitcoin are the most popular channels for investing in Bitcoin in the United States. Do your homework and find out which path ticks all your boxes.

The virtues of perseverance

Our other articles point out the importance of asserting yourself in this context: teamwork, job burnouts, attitudes, and dealing with difficult people. This article explains what a claim is actually, contrasts the claim with aggression (with which it is often confused) and submission, and why it is a quality.

Claim – What is it?

We have seen several definitions of claims. This is our favorite:

The demand is to speak honestly about your thoughts, feelings and desires, while considering others.

This is what I think / feel / want … and (at least implicit) How are you

Sounds pretty good to us! Honesty. Respect yourself and others. Considering its inherently controversial qualities, it is surprising that more people are not firm.

Here’s another one (albeit more than a definition):

Claims take responsibility for resolving interpersonal problems through direct action and communication.

When you claim, you take responsibility, you solve problems and you are straight (instead of guilty or confused).

The following definitions are probably the most common, but our least favorite:

Claim is a way of acting that strikes a balance between two extremes: aggression and submission.

This one is not entirely accurate. Instead of balancing, the claim is actually two sides of the same coin – the aggression and the deposit option.

In fact, aggression or submission is the consequence of not being firm.

Claim option


  • A claim is made in an abusive or unfavorable way
  • Sensitive to the rights, thoughts, feelings or desires of others
  • Trying to get results or reactions through intimidation
  • Creates a scene of losing dominance, which can lead to resentment and violence

Submission (or inactivity):

  • When giving up one’s rights, one surrenders to the needs of others
  • An inability to express your thoughts, feelings or desires
  • Feeling guilty when you express a desire, as if you are forcing it
  • Destroys self-esteem and confidence (and makes you angry)

If you have read our article on the nature of attitudes, you will see a parallel between negative / neutral / positive attitudes and aggressive / loyal / loyal attitudes. They are related.

Here’s a quick way to identify true claims (between yourself and others) versus submission or aggression:


That’s what I think … that’s what I feel … that’s what I want

Aggression adds:

Your thoughts are irrational … your feelings are not counted … your demands are not important

The submission says:

It doesn’t matter what I think … it doesn’t matter what I feel … it doesn’t count what I want

When people are not strong, they will be attracted to aggression or submission depending on personality type or mood.

And often the same person becomes the gap between aggression and submission … or works to combine the two:

  • Aggressive verbs: Expressing anger in a secret way, for example, “forgetting” about another’s request or planning revenge.
  • Manipulation: Others act as victims or martyrs to feel sorry for them or to take care of them.

The virtues of perseverance

Claims allow us to:

  • Express yourself honestly
  • Consider how others feel
  • Feel good about yourself
  • To take responsibility
  • Discuss effectively
  • Go for a win-win resolution

All obvious qualities and positive values! Why, then, are so many of us not so firm?

Well, the most common reason is fear of rejection. And this is not an unreasonable fear. In fact, some people may not like what we are claiming. That is, they may not like us (at least that aspect of us, at the time).

To live in peace with that disagreement requires quite a healthy self-esteem. A discussion of the need for self-esteem is beyond the scope of this article. One thing we can say here …

Perseverance is an essential element of one’s self-esteem. The more honestly we express ourselves, the better we will feel about ourselves.

A word of caution: Claiming is not a guarantee that you will get the feedback or results you want!

There is no such guarantee. But – in addition to all the benefits mentioned above – there is a much better chance of getting those results than claiming aggression or submission. At least in the long run and without the inherent negative feedback of those options.

But one should Always To be firm?

We maintain that you are always firm … in your thinking. But, not necessarily in the voice of this thought. Situations can be very good where the consequences of a vocal claim can be quite negative. For example, when an aggressive person in authority is treated or when violence is threatened.

Sometimes, maintaining silence is the wisest and strongest step. The actions or statements of others are not sanctioned, but silence … or, perhaps, acknowledgment. Something like this: I hear what you are saying; Without adding: I agree.

[See our other articles on this subject to gauge your current level of assertiveness and to learn how to do it.]

Must have helpful Spanish phrases for marriage and marriage

Unlike most of the West, many couples in Spain and Latin America would choose to marry instead of living together, and church marriage is still commonplace. In these countries, the church has a big influence and soon, a great couple I know from Venezuela will get married so this is an ideal time to share a small selection of some helpful Spanish phrases.

When announcing their marriage plans, the couple may be teased like in English:

The biggest mistake in your life! – You are about to make the biggest mistake of your life!

Occasionally, if a person is not sure that the couple is a good match, they will express their concern with this Spanish proverb:

Antes Te Case, Mira Low Q Hases – See what you do before marriage

I like to imagine that this is not a romantic Spanish phrase that a loved one wants to hear!

The Spanish phrase for a wedding is: una boda, And contains two phrases commonly used for marriage: el matrimonio And el casamiento.

El Navio Refers to the groom, La Novia His bride, and they are together Los novios. The best people are El Padrino de la Boda And are bridesmaids Respect for Las Damas deReally simple Spanish phrases, you can easily add to your vocabulary.

No marriage is complete without it la pareja perfecta – Perfect couple – confirms their love by exchanging wedding rings – los anillos de la boda. Throughout Spain and Latin America, a common custom is to give the groom thirteen gold coins – los trece Monedas de oro – To the bride.

Gold coins are a symbol of the groom’s trust and confidence, they are known as security and: arras. Thirteen gold coins symbolize Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles. Later Los novios Done Loss vote – Vows – Gold coins will be passed to the bride.

The ending of the ceremony is quite different, and you can get a little surprise when the bride and groom are leaving the church. Instead of being greeted with confetti, they are greeted with legs and smoke petardos – Fireworks – Made for a little noisy thing!

There is a slight change in Spanish because you are married to your partner, as we say in English. For example:

This is the case with Sylvia – I’m married to Sylvia – Marisol está casada con Eduardo – Marisol is married to Eduardo.

If you just want to say “I’m married” you can say Soy Or estoy Since both are used in Spanish, it all depends on whether the speaker views marriage as a permanent or a temporary state.

This is a small selection of common Spanish phrases about marriage that are beautiful and easy to learn. Play with them and enjoy them as part of your Spanish vocabulary!

Real Estate Cash Discount – Money Back Reality

Rebates, commissions, discounts, allowances, incentives and reduced prices are strategic marketing strategies that entice people to buy a product. The same is true of real estate transactions. These criteria are used to dispose of unsold inventory from time to time. The hidden agenda here is that in reality prices are not reduced. Yet the bill is paid. Similarly, real estate agents have explored ways and means of buying and selling homes through innovative marketing campaigns.

Currently, the real estate market across the United States is crippled by the recession. Numerous properties are available for sale without seeing any buyers. So, the next best thing for realtors is to entice potential clients by offering huge discounts. This fantastic offer must be taken full advantage of. In fact, it is a great way to get some of your well-earned money back.

Although the practice is approved by most states, there are at least a dozen of them who consider the practice immoral and have banned it. Honest realtors who have been in the field for more than half a century do not believe in discounts on home sales and purchases. The same currency has an alternative set of estate agents who provide very attractive incentives for their clients once the contract is closed.

Typically, a portion of the handling agent’s commission is paid to the buyer two days after signing the transaction document. The cash back range ranges from one to a staggering fifty per cent and about seven per cent from the same representing buyers and sellers. In fact, what is happening here is that while the realtor is making less profit from the deal, its business is growing tenfold through populist measures. Later he or she gains a lot of business goodwill.

An important point to note here is that if the allowance is paid before closing the contract, it is not taxable. However, if it is approved after finalization, the amount becomes taxable. All of these aspects must be considered before signing a dotted line. The Internet, with its huge matrix of information, will guide you on how to do this exercise optimally. Cash rebates are things today. So, don’t waste time and go for extra money to buy something valuable.

Keep up with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cyber currency that has attracted a lot of media attention over the last few years and continues to do so. Bitcoin was set up in 2009 by an anonymous group or individual who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, after which the smallest unit of bitcoin currency is named. It is the first and arguably the most well-known cryptocurrency. Originally only for the interest of the Internet elite, Bitcoin has gained widespread appeal in recent years and has led to respect for its right to foreign exchange.

How does Bitcoin work?

It can be difficult to comprehend the intricacies of how Bitcoin works, as it is not under central control like a conventional currency, but rather every transaction is collectively approved by a network of users. No currency and no notes, no bullion kept in a vault, but bitcoin supply is limited, it will stop at 21 million. Every 10 minutes, 25 bitcoins are obtained by Bitcoin “miners” and the number of bitcoins issued every 4 years will halve until the limit is reached. This means that after 2140 there will be no more releases of Bitcoins.

Why do I need Bitcoin news?

Prices are historically extremely volatile, with significant peaks and breaks in the break. Recently, the price of a bitcoin has increased more than 10 times in just two months As the value of their Bitcoin wallets skyrocketed in 2013, several Bitcoin millionaires were created overnight. If you already have some bitcoin in your digital wallet, or are thinking of dipping a toe in water, you really need to keep up with the bitcoin news. Bitcoin trading is an increasingly popular alternative or add-on to conventional foreign exchange transactions, and support is growing as more brokers sink.

Despite the gradual decline in bitcoin discovery rates, interest in bitcoin news continues. There is a real and constant demand up to the minute, reliable information about its value. Bitcoin has recently received a strong approval from PayPal which will surely boost confidence in its credibility as a reliable alternative to conventional bank cards or cash transactions on the internet and high streets. This may be some way to appease Bitcoin critics, who claim that the system is used to approve or verify a transaction called blockchain and that it is insecure and risky to be attacked by hackers.

Here’s why cryptocurrency Dash puts Bitcoin to shame

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now.

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. But what gives them value? When did you use Bitcoin?

The fact is that it is not practical now, primarily because of the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction. But there are other currencies that are emerging as effective candidates for Bitcoin to succeed as the No. 1 cryptocurrency.

There is much to understand about the complexities of cryptocurrencies, but this article is more about finding investment opportunities than explaining the science behind them.

A bubble in Bitcoin?

One thing that is important to know is the concept of “mining”. This is the basis of cryptocurrency. This is how new bitcoins are created.

Simply put, “Manikar” solves a complex math problem through special software and as a result is rewarded with new bitcoins. After that, the transaction is saved in the blockchain and the new bitcoins are officially introduced.

The more bitcoins are in circulation, the more complex and time consuming and less profitable mining becomes. So while about 80% of potential bitcoins are in circulation right now, the latter won’t be mined until 2140.

As most people now know, Bitcoin has seen a huge rally this year. In fact, it has grown by almost 1,200% over the last year, making many people think that it is a bubble.

The total value of Bitcoin in circulation is now over $ 150 billion. If Bitcoin is a company, it will be in the top 50 in the United States.

I personally believe that the only reason Bitcoin is much more valuable than any other cryptocurrency is because it was the first to enter the mainstream. That’s still important, though. This, at least, gives other currency developers something to improve on.

The good thing is that even if you think you missed the boat with Bitcoin, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there. Of course, some scams, but others have real potential.

I believe that one of the real, practical uses is called dash.

Dash: Digital cache

First, ahead of the dash game in terms of convenience. At the moment, Bitcoin transactions take about 10 minutes to an hour on average. Dash is setting as the primary cryptocurrency that can be instantly transferred between groups (in less than a second), making it even more practical when shopping online or at a store.

One of the most striking features of Dash is that 10% of the newly minted currency is given to Dash DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Agency). Simply put, DAO is Dash’s treasury. At a current price of over $ 600 per coin, it’s $ 4 million per month that it can use.

It is important to know that no other currency has such continuous funding. With this money, Dash DAO can develop and market currency.

Also, anyone can submit an idea for a project to increase the value of the dash. Since then, the project has been voted on by thousands of Dash developers. One example is partnering with stores to make Dash an effective way to transact for their products.

Of course, these developers make money from the dash, so the benefits of the currency and anything that promotes it will be enticing.

This creates a roundabout effect, where the value of the currency is appreciated because it is better financed and marketed, then the DAO makes more money and it is able to market the dash more.

A breakthrough for Dash

To date, Dash can be used to purchase products or services from over 300 physical stores and over 100 websites. But progress can come from the cannabis industry.

At the moment, banks are not allowed to do anything with marijuana transactions; Everything has to be done in cash. Sellers can’t even keep money from their sales at a bank.

Not only does it carry the risk of being robbed, but these companies have to pay for cash storage and transportation. That adds up quickly.

Being able to use Dash would be huge for these vendors. It also means great things for the dash price.

The good news is that progress has already begun. In April, Dash Alt partnered with a digital payment system called Thirty Six, which partnered with some of the country’s leading dispensary business management software companies.

These software companies track transactions for hundreds of dispensary and distribution services. That means Dash users have hundreds of ways to use the currency.

Since Dash officially became a payment method on 11 October Alt Thirty Six, its price has increased by 118%. That is only in a month and a half.

Just the beginning

With a market cap of just $ 4.8 billion compared to Bitcoin’s $ 156 billion, I believe Dash still has plenty of room to move forward.

The marijuana industry is just the beginning for Dash, but it’s a great one. In 2016, legal sales were about $ 7 billion. Another estimated $ 46 billion has been sold on the black market.

And as more stores open and cannabis is legalized in more states, that legal number is expected to reach $ 23 billion by 2021 and $ 50 billion by 2026.

Again, this is just the beginning for Dash. Its unique instant transaction feature makes it an effective alternative to cash, giving it an edge over other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

A quick but thorough comparison between gold and bitcoin

A quick comparison between cryptocurrency, gold and bitcoin

In some places, gold seems to have a more important place in the financial world. On the other hand, some people are beginning to see Bitcoin as a legitimate way to hold our savings.

It allows us to make purchases and other daily transactions. For the average consumer, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies seem to offer a relevant alternative. This is probably a good time to compare gold and bitcoin and etherium (other crypto-currencies).

People have been using gold as a kind of currency for thousands of years; While Bitcoin has only been around for more than a decade. Although the concept has gone through some mature processes, it has a huge impact on the gold market. Bitcoin promises continuous improvement in convenience, security and effectiveness. Experts have compared the current state of Bitcoin to the Internet in the early 1990’s and mid-1990’s. Proponents of Bitcoin argue that almost all advances related to gold have already occurred, as seen by the widespread acceptance of any physical gold bullion product over a millennium ago. Indeed, some companies have acquired gold using gold as currency. They do not believe that the government will go to high inflation.

The concept of gold versus bitcoin is an important argument. Than to choose one of them; Many of us would love to use a combination of them to take advantage of each other’s advanced qualities. In fact, we have seen a coexistence between bitcoin and gold, “in the form of cassius coins. This is the first example of the combination of bitcoin and gold, and it will never end.

Ethereum Another cryptocurrency is $ 1,549.00. It is usually housed in a Radon graphics card x 5 or 6 racks for the best organization. LAN cables allow it to be excavated at higher speeds for profit rather than power consumption.

Paper money is our solution to improve circulation and gold is our ancestral solution to preserve the value of the currency. Metals are less affected by inflation, as they are much more expensive than paper or other cheap metals. And, cryptocurrency is the new technological gear that provides reliability during transactions with timelessness and precision of a Swiss watch.

Whatever the criticism, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to appeal to many because of their distinctive advantages, especially when compared to conventional currencies such as paper money that swells and is often lost, spent or stolen.

This completely avoids complex and expensive electronic payment systems based on instant, direct P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions. Over time, investors will find that Bitcoin offers an improved store of value compared to any consistently printed flat currency.

The Bitcoin protocol sets a limit on the amount of bitcoin available at a time. There will always be 21 million bitcoins and the system sometimes seems to be more honest than USD. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, customers can increase financial privacy; There are concerns, however, that the government will silently tap into the system with constant financial scrutiny.

Slot machines – where we were, where we are and where we are going

Where we were

Charles Faye invented the slot machine in the 1890s. He probably never imagined that his creation, called “Liberty Bell”, would become the most popular form of casino gambling today.

But there was a lot of growing pain in the evolution of slots because many in the United States saw gambling as a social ills. By 1910, all legal gambling activities had ceased, leaving the race as the only legal entity in the United States.

In the Prohibited Era of the 1920’s, the public’s thirst for gambling matched that of alcohol. Slot machines with alcohol have been found in “Spike Easy” across America, many of them controlled by organized crime. Underground casinos remained active even after the ban was lifted.

States began cracking down on illegal casinos and confiscating and destroying gambling equipment, including slot machines. New York City Mayor Lagarde called them “mechanical pick pockets”, smashed them with a sledge hammer and threw them into Long Island Sound. (You can watch the action on YouTube.)

In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling. Slot machines at state casinos were crowded on the floor but there were only wives and concubines to enjoy playing with their penises and nickels while men gambled all the heavier at the table. (An illustration of this with Vincent Price, Victor Mature, and Jane Russell in the 1952 movie “The Las Vegas Story”.) Slots were a “women’s” game until Atlantic City gambling was legalized in 1978.

Bally Manufacturing invented a unit powered by electricity and the slots began to “light up” and create various sound effects. When the multi-currency receiver was introduced, the new dollar machine meant a big jackpot for customers. When Random number generator Four and five reel editions were invented to increase the amount of the top prize. A spin button has become an alternative to the handle.

The Indian gaming law It was approved in the 1980s to allow casinos on reservation land, and new legislation called Docside Riverboat Gambling attracts new slot players while rastracks add one-handed bandits.

IGT has been launched Megabox In 1986 and slots were now connected across the Nevada via a phone line that offered a huge lottery-sized jackpot that increased with the bet with each coin. The Progressive jackpot Was born and players can now become millionaires. Players begin to abandon table games, jump on machines, and The casino took notice.

Where we are

The proliferation of slots has paved the way for new innovations. A Video slot With 25 lines, up to 10 credits per line, a ticket in, ticket out, (TITO) system is allowed. Coins and handles followed the dinosaurs. Operators can now devalue the value like a penny and still make a profit.

In the new century, slot makers are spreading fast Themed slots, Units based on popular movies, TV shows and entertainment. Players can now spin Wheel of fortune, A laugh Carly, Larry and Mo., Take a ride with Captain Kirk, Or cron over Blue eyes. All games have video clips from favorite shows.

Themed slots up to 40 lines turned into 5 video relays The chairs have comfortable high backs, and some even some bonus features vibrate when hit. Touch screens have the latest LCD technology, 3D graphics and Bose sound systems as they evolve. Depending on the theme of the game, players can bet up to $ 2, $ 3 per line and a maximum of $ 4 per penny (credit). Bonus features offer generous payouts while progressive jackpots go up to six and seven.

I have seen the introduction of new games CSI, Sex and the City, Iron Man, Michael Jackson, David Copperfield, The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Wonder Woman, Ellen, Let’s Make a Deal, Godfather, Monopoly, And the list goes on and on.

Where we are going

Themed slots will undoubtedly continue to grow. But a huge chunk of casino patrons are looking for something different. They Millennium.Those who grew up playing video games from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. Casinos have noticed that this generation does not care to sit in front of a machine that does all the work for them to win. They want to be involved in making it happen. This led to the introduction of G.Ames of skill At the 2016 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

Two companies, Gameco And Gamblet gaming Introduced their accessories at the Expo and on all accounts, things look very promising. Other companies, Konami And Scientific Games is creating its own version to attract Jane Y’s. Other companies will follow soon.

Some games are based on poker where a limited number of players use their skills Possession The card they need. In another game, players must collect rare treasures in Pharaoh’s secret temple before their time is up.

It is too early to say whether the skill component will be successful, but some games are already underway in Vegas and Atlantic City. Only time will tell.

The American Gaming Association It is reported that there are 832,988 slot machines in 1,151 casinos across 44 states, with many more. This raises the question: with more than 50 million visitors to the casino annually, will the craze for slots continue?

You can bet on it!